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Posted by John Horniblow on Dec 21, 2008 in General

Welcome  The Daily Slice for an insight to the evolving world of Digital Marketing for the modern day marketer.  While the discipline is new too many the foundations of digital marketing have been in practice and developing under many other names ( interactive/online/new media/   communications  and  marketing ) for the past 14 years as the world enters the early days of the Post Information age .  The concept for digital marketing is that its not digital just for the sake of being digital but draws upon the analogue and real world challenges of  consumer based marketing communications in the context of changing and evolving consumer behaviours. In the Post Information Age the face of the communications world truly  is digital and the old or yesteryear idea of convergence media , while still in the flux of establishing a pure convergence , is a dawning reality .

The shift of media from the concrete world of atoms to bits marks this fundamental change. Today we can see the  basic structures of entertainment, media, news and information have shifted dramatically : newsprint empires are in decline, the music industry’s formulaic  old world business strategy upon which its meteoric post war rise has failed to evolve under the pressure of digital distribution and the consumer right of choice, the  video game companies are touted to be the new Hollywood and new battleground for consumer electronics is the digital entertainment and information hub in the lounge room. The age of personalized information and entertainment choices is in its nascent years.  The real world emulation of social communications online ( Social Media ) , is  defining  the power of consumer voice and possibly  laying insight to  behavioural trends in media consumption. Social Media Marketing is also emerging as one of the most important, if not the most important, source of information for the consumer.

 I think there is a lot of credence given to the current line of thought that digital has changed the face of  marketing forever.  I do think its prudent to say that while  consumer media consumption habits have changed and are evolving in this Post- Information Age , digital  represents a personal and exploding number of contact points  or new channels   open to the marketer. The marketing challenge is nothing new : understanding how to reach the consumer  with the what,  when, where and how  , in these channels. 

Recommended Reading: while a little old   Being Digital : Nicholas Negroponte  still is a great starting point in understanding the principals  of digital change. 

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