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John Horniblow, trading as Bladedigital, is a seasoned speaker and presenter on the topics of Digital Convergence, Digital Communications and Marketing and Social Media.

He has presented and spoken at conferences , conventions, workshops, brainstorming sessions and developed his own series of moderated roundtables called SM@RT ( Social Media Round Tables). 

His speaking engagements have included;
CES ( Consumer Electronics Show) Las Vegas, 2000
Judge and panelist for  numerous web awards
Museums and the Web, Washington DC, 2003
Nestle’s Consumer Excellence Summit, 2008
Oracle OpenWorld Europe, Paris 2009
WAVE (The Career Women’s Forum)
Public Affairs Council, Washington DC, 2009
P&G Digital Innovation workshop , Geneva 2009
Resonance, Geneva
LIFT conference 2010, Geneva
Richemont Digital Day, 2011
SM@RT (Social Media at the Round Table) Geneva, 2009-2011
Foundry Photojournalism Workshop, Istanbul 2010
LIFT12  Conference -workshop on Digital Communications for Crisis and Post Conflict Zones , Geneva 2012
Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Kosovo  Digital Strategy  Summit 2012
Webster University Media Trends Conference 2013

John has also developed and run a number of strategic programs for Digital Communications, Convergence Media, Digital Marketing and Social Media. These include: Nestle’s  digital marketing and CRM workshop program, “Connecting With Consumers” and  embedding it in markets around the world.

John Horniblow presenting and speaking at Resonance, Geneva

John Horniblow presenting – Convergence, Fans and Fanatics- Resonance, Geneva

SM@RT – (Social Media at the Round Table)
-  A series of quarterly strategic roundtables and workshops on exploring, the shifting media landscape, convergence media, convergence culture, social media strategies and communications and social platforms, sCRM, Social Intelligence Platforms, mobile marketing and communications  with participation from international companies ( P&G, Nestle, HP, Swatch Group, Logitech, Bata, ) and NGO’s ( UNHCR, The Global Fund, WEF, ICRC).








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About Bladedigital

Bladedigital is a strategic digital communications , digital marketing and development company, trading under Bladedigital LLC and Bladedigital Ltd and has been operating since 2001.  Bladedigital works across territories in Australia, USA, Europe and North Africa providing strategic consultancy and digital service to companies, NGO’s and government agencies. Bladedigital has provided consultancies and services to Nissan Global Interactive Marketing, Nike Digital, Qantas’ NA CRM program, The Museum of Contemporary Art;San Diego, The Phoenix Art Museum, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, The Geffen Playhouse, Activision, Nestle, US Mission to UN, Nestle Maghreb, P&G,  Institute of Media and Global Governance , and Richemont amongst others.

Bladedigital , DBA Bladepictures is the developer and publisher of Photojournale : Photo documentary stories from around the world


The Daily Slice

Digital Marketing? Convergence and Convergence Culture? Transmedia

This blog seeks to inform on ideas , trends and best practices but  it also seeks to provide a contextual framework for digital convergence , the behaviours , trends in consumer uptake of technology and their effect on communications and marketing.

So what is Digital Marketing?

Is it a website,  a media campaign, a banner ad or pay per click?, rich media ?  Is it  an email campaign,  mobile campaign or maybe a microsite, SMS or Intelligent Voice Messaging (IVM)? consumer generated content ? What  about blogs, Twitter, Social Media Networks such as  Bebo,  Linked-in, e-acadamy, myspace  and Facebook, or Web2.0 dynamic, distributive content-driven websites. Does it include optimized keyword searches (SEO),  SEM , SSM , Digital PR or tacking buzz ? Is it e commerce, widgets, or mobile location-based marketing?

Digital marketing is all of the above – born out of the information age  at the end of the 20th century  it’s simply marketing in the digital age; a hyper connected world  where technology provides no barriers  for entry for instant communication, publishing and expression of ideas and needs and platforms whereby brands can interact in the daily lives of their consumers. Consumers have  become increasingly connected, as convergence and “always on” connectivity become increasingly mainstream and part of daily life , new important channels of communication are opening to marketers.

Communicators and Marketers have now gained the ability to enhance, empower, interact, converse and otherwise live within ever deeper segments of consumers’ lives. These are relationships that the go far beyond the reach of traditional media, the age of take it , ignore it or leave it marketing.

In the 21st century, the relationship database, the social eco system in which a consumer navigates and the inherent behaviours of convergence culture are the marketplace. The key to deeper consumer engagement and  understanding lies in the sophisticated use of key consumer data points and intelligent use of these data points.

Digital marketing is not digital for the sake of digital but an application of established marketing practices  re-thought or re engineered in the digital world. Then applied as performance based marketing , real time marketing and these day in the social relationship. It is all about permissioned based, personalized, persuasive and at times pervasive consumer engagement.

This blog is published and maintained by John Horniblow AKA BladeDigital ™ : On the Cutting Edge
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