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Four Great Integrated Marketing Campaigns Using Facebook

Posted by John Horniblow on Dec 4, 2009 in General, Social Media Marketing |

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When it comes to using Facebook as the primary point or integrated into the marketing channels, some brand are beginning to find there feet by working with the endemic functions of the service. Lots of brands have also begun an integrated approach to engaging with their consumers to build buzz, distribution and awareness of their campaigns either through or surrounding Facebook. The reality is that Facebook has become the perfect supplement to any website and online marketing efforts and in some cases become a pivotal or primary focus. While not all efforts are excellent here are some that we think are working extremely well.

IKEA’s Facebook Propagation Planning Campaign has used the concept of tagging in an online competition to support the opening of a new store. Some call it a genius use of one of Facebook’s inherent functions. While some of the best campaign strategies in Facebook are simple, and nothing should be simpler than using the default “tagging” tool on Facebook to help create a bit of buzz for an online competition. Users were drawn to the new Facebook profile page of the store manager, who’d uploaded pictures of his new showrooms in a store Ikea was due to open.

“People were told that the first to tag their name on any item, would win it. With the way tagging works on Facebook, the moment you tagged anything, everyone in your network instantly knew what was up for grabs! Subsequently, thousands and thousands of people were flooding the Facebook page in search of freebies!”

makes excellent use of Facebook Connect, Facebook Share and Facebook Fans for its latest commercials featuring George Clooney and John Malkowitz. This is an very well executed integrated campaign that combines traditional TV with the choice of an episodic conclusion online ( that’s not necessarily new ), and then adds the full Facebook services into the online site to ensure and viral distribution via Facebook Friends and Fans. The campaign, while not visible on the online site in the US due to the protection of George’s image, is in full swing across other parts of the world and Nespresso is working its Facebook fan base in a totally engaging way surrounding both its product, coffee machines and its iconic George Clooney commercials.

The full video with one of the episodic ending choices


Dude where’s my Butterfinger Bar
When I think of this campaign I am in awe of how well the all the social media marketing channels are integrated. This campaign is outstanding in its consumer engagement and integration across audience points. From Facebook to Youtube / Yahoo video, online games, character blogs, user generated content competitions , Facebook apps, Facebook fan pages, Myspace there seems to be nothing left unanswered in the participatory media types. While Butterfinger has a main website , most of its engagement activity is driven to and by Facebook. When it come to the debate on whether social media brings a return on investment to marketing this campaign closes the debate. Unofficially it has raised Butterfinger share of sales significantly with a healthy double digit growth.

See Butterfinger on Facebook

See Butterfinger’s Youtube channel

Nobody’s Gonna Lay a Finger On My Butterfinger Video Contest


Mountain Dew – DewMocracy
is another quite amazing use of Facebook as a key engagement pillar for integrated marketing channels. Based only on the democratic notion of participation Mountain Dew has opened up everything about its brand and product to user generated content for a complete makeover. It uses Facebook ( as well as Youtube) as both a destination and engagement platform with a brilliant use Facebooks apps that act as fully functional flash websites to show off the user creations. The Mountain Dew fan base to engaged into creating new choices for drink flavours, new can designs, new names, new advertising campaigns in nothing short of a complete product overhaul generated by consumers. The results of which have been a stunning experience for the brand as it has been reported that the newly fan created drink flavours, “Voltage”, “Revolution” and “SuperNova” literally flew of supermarket shelves.


dewmocracy - design

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