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Email performance

Posted by John Horniblow on Feb 2, 2009 in Email Marketing |

 As a tactic inside  the digital marketing mix,  Email’s low cost and effective reach  still makes it core component in B2C communications. Given its low cost,  email service providers are expecting an increase reliance on this highly measurable and engaging method of consumer interaction. Today Email remains a staple of nearly every digital marketing campaign,   while its low cost puts it behind other tactics in terms of spending, its effectiveness should never be under estimated. 

Epsilon , a leader in enterprise email services,  has just released a study on E-mail marketing metrics that indicates  that deliverability rates were almost exactly the same in Q3 2008 as they were in Q3 2006. Open rates and click-through rates dipped during the same period, but only slightly. 


 This still indicates its viability as a dependable media channel. The optomisim surrounding the industry indicates projections that email , as a media channel continues to enjoy steady and unfaltering growth despite concerns about the declining effectiveness of advertising and the challenging economy  Online benchmark and research group eMarketer, estimates spending on e-mail will rise to $488 million in 2009, up from $472 million in 2008. While a small growth in overall terms , it is none the less a growth in a time  when other types of media spend are in decline. email spend

 Email’s low cost and high ROI shouldn’t make a marketer lazy or complacent, consumer segmentation and personalization add  significantly higher increases to the effectiveness of this media and directly impact response rates.

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